These swaged bullets have a hardness of approximately 10 BHN or equal to a lead alloy with approximately 5% antimony . The advantaged that swaged bullets have over cast bullets is that the swaging process removes any air voids in the bullet. This produces a more uniform bullet in regards to weight. Also, the swaged bullet has a perfectly flat base. These swaged bullets are the hardest swaged lead bullets made. All the swaged lead bullets are lubricated with a chemical lube that dries to a hard finish. Swaged lead bullets are ideal for Cowboy Action Shooting. There are no gas checks on these bullets.


Caliber, weight and diameter                  

                Per            100           500

.38 Caliber 148 grain HBWC $8.40 $37.50
.38 Caliber 158 grain SWC $8.60 $38.50
.45 Colt 255 grain RN .454″ $15.50 $61.50